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TeemIp Extensions

This section contains a list of extensions that can be added to your iTop application. Note that most of them are by default contained within TeemIp standalone.

ExtensionDescriptionVersionRelease DateIn standalone PHP Compatibility
MAC Address LookupProvides information on MAC address vendors3.1.02023-04-01Included8.1
DNS Zone ManagementProvides zone management features within TeemIp3.0.12022-09-09Included8.1
IP DiscoveryTeemIp solution to discover IP addresses3.0.1Included8.1
Cable ManagementDocuments cable infrastructures and physical connections between devices1.0.02022-12-04Included8.0
Network Management ExtendedProvides advanced classes for network management3.0.12022-09-09Included8.0
DHCP ManagementAdds DHCP options management features to TeemIp3.0.12022-09-09Included8.0
IPAM for iTopTeemIp application embedded in iTop for full blown IP Address Management3.0.12022-09-09Included8.0
IP Request ManagementAutomated workflow for processing IP and subnet user requests - Includes a user portal3.0.12022-09-09Included7.4
Data collector for OCS InventoryData Collector for OCS Inventory NG3.0.02023-03-28Not Included
Data collector for vSphereInventory Data Collector for VMWare vSphere1.1.02023-03-10Not included
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