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Data collector for OCS Inventory

Data collector for OCS Inventory
Data Collector for OCS Inventory NG
discovery, IP address, OCS

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This stand-alone application collects information from a single OCS Inventory NG server in order to populate the iTop CMDB with the collected Servers, PCs and Virtual machines. The collector uses the iTop data synchronization engine to synchronize the information between OCS Inventory and iTop.

This extension is actually provided through iTop Hub, the platform that provides you with all the required resources to optimize your iTop.


  • Automated inventory of Brand, Model, OS Family, OS Version, Physical Server, PC and Virtual Machine from OCS Inventory server
  • Automated inventory of Network Interfaces
  • The collector can reside on any system with web access to iTop and mysql access to the OCS Inventory server
  • Automatic creation and update of the Synchronization Data Sources in iTop.
  • An optional small extension is available to display an extra tab “OCS Inventory” on synchronized PCs, Servers and VirtualMachines. This tab displays the OCS page for the device (using an IFRAME).


  • The collector does not retrieve installed software information
  • The collector is not normalizing Model, OS Family and OS Version
  • The collector synchronizes only PCs and Servers which have a valid serial number in OCS
  • If your iTop is accessed using HTTPS, then the same must be true for OCS Inventory otherwise the inline frame of OCS Inventory inside iTop will not display because of browsers's security restrictions.
  • There is no single sign-on between iTop and OCS, so you'll have to login to OCS when displaying the OCS tab.

Full documentation

Comprehensive documentation on that extension is available here, through iTop Hub.

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